How to Become a Chef

How to Become a Chef in the U.S.

What are chefs and what do they do?

A chef is a qualified and professional cook who is in charge of cooking variety of food dishes for others.  The word chef was derived from the French word ‘Chef de Cuisine’ which means ‘Chief/head’. A head chef is not only in charge of the kitchen but is the person behind the best food that is being served to others in hotels and restaurants.

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Chef’s are the people who are accountable for many tasks such as; the operation of serving food, plan the menu, stocking the inventory with food products, hiring cooks and other kitchen staff. There are different kinds of chef who take care of duties under them. For example: Executive Chef, Second in command Chef, Station Chef, Bakery Chef, and Pantry Chef.

Some of the common tasks between all chefs except for the executive chef are:

  • Cook food as per what the customer’s order.
  • Make sure the food that is being served is displayed and decorated well.
  • Help and supervise the novices who are present in the kitchen.
  • Every chef including executive chefs will ensure that cleanliness is maintained in the kitchen.
  • Make sure the people who are to take care of cleaning and washing dishes are doing a good and fast job.
  • Must keep a constant check if enough food supplies are there.
  • Record the food supplies that come in and maintain records for future reference.

How to become a chef in 2021

Cooking variety of foods with different tastes is not an easy task. This could be one of the reasons why everyone does not want to become a chef.  This profession is only for those who have the taste for good food and love to serve the best. Hence you are one of them too since you wanted to know how to become a chef.

Anyway, becoming a chef should never worry you but how successful you are as a chef should bother you. Have you ever wondered why whenever you cook a dish in your kitchen with the same effort, the same ingredients and more enthusiasm it always tastes better when it is being served outside like at a diners, or a restaurant or even a five star hotel? Well, the question is a bit difficult and lengthy but the answer is simple.  The dish that you cooked was regular cooking and the dish you liked better when it was served outside was cooked by a qualified and trained chef. Now you see the difference.

If you have this burning desire in you to be a chef then you must learn to be a good cook at home first. That’s were you can begin your practice. You must learn the names of different spices, vegetables, meats, lentils etc; the executive chef at home (your mother) will be glad to help you work on this desire. The world’s best chefs are men but the worlds most tolerant chefs are mothers so she will find all your mistakes and teach you better lessons out of them.

Sometimes people become the greatest chefs although they have never entered their own kitchen even once or ever seen their mothers cook. So how do these cooks become the greatest chefs? That is because of training institutes. They teach anyone about the skills that is needed to be a good chef even if you have zero knowledge about food products.

Does any study required to become a chef?

To become a chef you must need a high school diploma or its equivalent and then you can do either a two or four year degree in culinary from any vocational school or college that is accredited by the ACF (American Culinary Federation). Mostly large restaurants and hotels have their own training institutes which you can join as an apprentice and learn how to be a chef. This is all you need to become a chef. If you gain about 8-15 years of experience you can become an executive chef.

What Techniques Use by Chef

To be considered as a good chef you must know certain food techniques like; have a good sense of taste and smell, a gourmet, have the natural flair to mix flavors, one who loves perfection in food, very innovative and experimental with food, the zeal and dedication, good memory to remember various dishes and ingredients, and finally the willingness to work long and odd hours.

To become a chef is not something related to technical or mechanical but cooking is an art of creativity. Remember this point about chefs. Every time they taste a dish they taste something new.

Irrelevant of what talent you have in cooking or what knowledge you gained in a culinary training program; you will still not become the greatest chef overnight. You must consider this that Chefs are the main reason why food businesses do so well and also for their failure. So keep in mind it is all about your dedication and hard work to excel in this profession that will be accountable to a business and to people who deserve the best food for their money’s worth.

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