How to Become a Politician in the U.S

How to Become a Politician in the U.S.

Politician word seeks its derivation from the Greek word Politik. There is evidence that it is the second oldest profession in the world. Politicians are those who least bother about the principles, and rather indulge in getting the things done in their favors. Are you an activist who want to become a politician? If yes, this guide is the best steart to you career. Know all about the world of politics. 

Who is a Politician?

In our society politician occupies a very special place. Politics is considered as the heart of democracy. A politician handles making policies and runs a campaign. The implemented policies are essential to shaping society. They can bring development in all the major systems like education, health, e.t.c. Becoming a politician is a very difficult task, and the people elect him. They are the crucial person for the welfare of the society and must install certain programs for development. Politicians believe in doing the welfare of themselves, their families, and friends and nearby peoples.

It appears as if they always work for their country and the people, but the fact is that they have nothing to do with all these things. Politicians are not restricted to political parties. You may find them incorporation, board, and other small offices also. A worker who tries to protect their interests in the factory by using all tactics may seek consideration as a Politician. Even in the judiciary, if a judge molds, the decisions according to his requirements. A person residing in some locality who tries to impose his views upon others may also count as a Politician.

What Does a Politician Do?

The role of politicians will not be the same on all days. They have several responsibilities, which depend on the size of the district. The politician’s schedule is very tight, and his day begins early and ends very late. He must ensure satisfaction to the people living in society by fulfilling their needs. Every year he must take part in the discussions held for the budget. He must install appropriate methods that are useful in developing his constituency.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Politician

People elect leaders, and they intend to become a politician. It is the duty of Politicians that they play their role and shoulder the responsibility very well. Politicians are a guide for the people, so they always have to appraise the facts. Leaders should never present a gloomy picture of the country, whatever there is some truth in the news. People believe in their leaders, so leaders should also come to the expectations of their people. They have to feel the pulse of people, and they should follow the policies liked by the majority of people. 

If leaders follow the wrong policies, they are not spared by the people. The rulers of Egypt and Syria get dethroned by the people due to their attitude. George Bush, the USA’s ex-president, seeks criticism for sending the U.S. Army in Iraq and Afghanistan. The government of various states is also at receiving end for their flawed land acquisition act. So, it is the duty and responsibility of the government to tame the price rising. Likewise, politicians and the government must plan policies that are beneficial for the needy people. Politicians should also resist the anti-people policies.

  • Politicians should take care of their constituency
  • They should see that all development works and projects
  • Politicians initiated there well in time and completed within the stipulated time
  • Good Politicians should work as a bridge between government machinery and people

Skills and Qualifications Required for a Politician

Politicians must have the skill to lead the nation and its people. It can also say that the inept handling of problems may jeopardize the sovereignty of the country. So, skill is very important for running any nation and people. History is full of many examples that depict that skill and experience have much significance about good Politicians. Politicians should seek qualification because they would not be able to gauge the size of problems and solve it timely without it. It is a well-known fact that Politicians enjoy more powers, and it is imperative for them to seek qualification to use them.

Politicians also play a vital role in framing the country’s public policies, law, and legislation. This may have far-reaching effects upon the nation and its people. So they would not be able to do all these things if they do not have the required qualifications. They should be conversant with the fiscal, labor, and industrial laws prevalent there. Politicians have to see what is in the larger interest of the country and its people. Honesty, commitment, and dedication are also necessary to be a Successful Politician.

  • A Politician should seek qualification
  • He should be familiar with the economy and geography of the country
  • Also, he should be aware of all problems of the concerned state or country
  • Family background also matters for the Politicians
  • His popularity and acceptability are some of the important aspects

Career opportunities for Politicians

In the changed scenario, some new avenues have opened for the youth. It seeks observation that young people give their opinion on current national burning issues. Thus, they are more aware than before in this matter. Also, now we may find that more youngsters have started participating in local as well as national politics. So, opting for politics as their career, they have more understanding of politics.

In recent times, there is a steep hike in salaries of M.P., MLA, Minister, etc., so, more young people are joining politics. At the world level also, we observe that Mr.Obama is the youngest president in the USA. Likewise, Britain also has a young prime minister. So, youngers should come forward to join this career. It is not an easy task to get established in politics. Every youngster does not have a political family background, so he may start from scratch to become a politician. 

In the beginning, you may become a member of some political party and start participating in their public movement and activities. You may assist your M.P, MLA, or other political leaders to know the trade secrets of this field. Moreover, a huge amount of politicians to contest an election. Besides, political leaders do not allow others to grow and play dirty politics to destroy others’ careers in politics, so you need to be more careful.

  • Politics has become a glamorous and lucrative career nowadays.
  • Honest, commitment, and dedication pay a lot in the long term.
  • Popularity and acceptability are dominant factors.

Salaries and More Benefits

In the USA, the salaries and other benefits are far better than in other countries. Leaders of the House and Senate get paid higher than the rank and file members. The majority and minority, both party leaders, get paid $ 1, 93,400, and members get $1, 74, 00 monthly. Besides it, they get all the retirement and health benefits subject to that they should meet the age of 50 and completion of 20 years’ services. But they mind the money by adopting corrupt practices, so these things do not matter for them. Here people join politics to grab the money and power. Salaries and other benefits are quite handsome in the USA, their retirement, and social benefits are also attractive. 

How to Become a Politician?

You can become a politician only if you have a strong desire and work. If you have an absolute interest in changing politics, then only you must come to this field. Select a political party for starting your career. It is mandatory to be loyal toward the political party.

Going into politics is not a good idea. After getting into the part, you find a mentor who will guide you on the right path. Sincerity and honesty are the two essential things for a politician. It is mandatory to set some goals and work according to it.

A leader must be in touch with the people but not only in election time. Install appropriate strategies, and try to develop your constituency. You should not make empty promises and must stick to the words even after winning the elections. Try to develop your constituency as much as you can in the best possible way. 

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