How to Become a Judge

How to Become a Judge in the US

Are you an honest man who exempts everything against the code of law? Then you must know how to become a judge and make your habit a passion. Imagine yourself inside a law-chamber controlling the entire law proceedings. Everything that comes under your jurisdiction will have your hand upright on it. That is, you’ll be the final authority to pass a resolution or dissolve the assembly. So, if you want to become the final solicitor, here is a complete guide for you since a judge is not only a respectable job but also a paid well one.
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What is the Role of a Judge in the US

Before becoming a judge in the US, you must seek complete information on the job role of the judge. A judge is a professional who works for the court of law and handles all the cases. Their task is to ensure making justice to all parties who arrive at the court of law for major or minor crimes or other civil issues. Also, to know a fact, the Judges in the United States are called Justices.

Different Types of Judges/Justices in the US

Supreme Court Judges

As per the law of order, the super most judges in the US are the Supreme Court judges. There are nine judges in the Supreme Court, out of which one is the chief justice, and the other eight are Associate Justices. When the Supreme Court passes a law, it is final, and there are no other courts higher than a supreme court where a person can re-appeal a case to The Supreme Court judges serve as judges till they retire, unlike other court judges who serve for a tenure period only.
The President of the United States nominates the Supreme Court judges. But, the Senates are responsible for choosing and appointing suitable judges from the nominated list.

Circuit Court Judges

The second highest judges are from the 13 circuit courts or the US Court of Appeals.  As per the rule, if the lower court of justice fails to appeal to you, the next up to approach is the circuit court. Still, if the latter also fails to appeal to you, you can then appeal to the Supreme Court. But, since the supreme court has thousands of cases to deal with, the final judgment is of the circuit court.
The U.S.president judges nominate the circuit court judges, which are then appointed and confirmed by the US Senate. These judges are like Supreme Court judge’s tenure.

Superior Court Judges

The superior court judges have unlimited authority, unlike lower court judges. The procedure to select these judges includes a statewide election. The tenure of superior court judges in their current seat is ten years, after which re-election takes place.

District Court Judges

The district court judges are for general trial cases, which could be either civil or criminal cases. To become a district court judge, you need to get hired by the nomination from a US president and then appointed by the US Senates.

US Magistrate Judges

The US Magistrate judges take care of smaller issues that district court judges stave off. These judges are to marry off people under the oath of law. A magistrate judge serves eight-year tenure.

How Much Does a Judge Earn in the US?

While becoming a judge, another significant thing that comes to mind is the question of living. That is, how much will I earn as a judge in the USS Since the judge works for the government as he’s placed in the court of law to hear civil and criminal cases, their pay is also high. Judges either work alone or work together with other judges, for example, the Supreme Court, which has nine judges working during a hearing.
Judges are the most vital part of the court of law. They work for all federal, local, and state courts. They oversee all cases that involve the society. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary of a judge is $120,090 per year. Also, the salary of a judge depends on the court they represent. One of the nine supreme court’s Chief Justice earns a salary of $224, 500 per year, and the other eight associate justices earn $213, 900 per year.
Fact:- The present Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is John G Roberts, who has been serving from 2005.
The Circuit Court Judge/US Court of Appeals judge gets an annual salary of $184, 501. The district court judge earns an annual average salary of $173,500, and magistrate judges make $160,000 average per year.
Apart from the salaries, after becoming a judge in the US, you’ll also get other employment benefits from the government. To count a few benefits, these are:-
  • Insurance that covers dental, health and death
  • Retirement plans
  • Paid sick leave
  • Judicial immunity
  • Paid vacation

What it is Like to Become a Judge in the US ?

Becoming a judge in the US is a good career choice if law and justice are above all for you. As mentioned, with the handsome salary that you’ll get, you’ll always seek respect from your fellow people. But, to become a judge, it takes several years of experience as a lawyer and proper education. So. if you have the education and have the patience to wait, you will be a judge someday.
Law and order are such an integral part of society; without it, people would become uncivilized and chaotic. Also, the count of the crimes would increase by the seconds. Hence. Being a part of the judicial system to ensure anyone inflicted by the law of justice gets it. A judge’s decision can be a life saving or losing situation for any human. So, an honest man who looks up to the laws with care will serve as an amazing judge during the tenure.

What to Study to Become a Judge in the US?

To begin with, you must finish high school and then join law school. But, before joining the law school, you must sit for the Law School Entrance Test (LSAT) and score well to get into law school. The time taking to become a judge in the US is about four years. Once you get admitted into law school, your journey to your destination has begun.
After the completion of law school as a J.D (Juris Doctor), you must sit for the state bar examination and pass it to practice as a lawyer. You must practice for several years before you either run for a judgeship or get nominated as a Supreme Court Judge.
Usually, to become a judge in the supreme court, circuit court, or the district court, you must have some political support. If you don’t have any right now, you’ll have to develop a few in due course as congressmen or senators choose most judges. Then, the President takes up the final nomination. He selects only a few amongst the chosen ones. Finally, it comes back to the senators to decide which candidate will be suitable to be a judge, and then they confirm and appoint them. But, since most of the people who appear for becoming a judge in the US our intellects. So, if you want the President to choose you, show extraordinary play. Perform your best at the proceedings and look at each case like it is your last one. Chase your dreams and have the caliber to grasp all the opportunities.

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